Thoughts/Readings 2017 Week 12

Photo of the Week

Spring finally arrived here in England.


  1. Margaret Atwood on the continuing relevancy of The Handmaid’s Tale
  2. Innovation is not enough from McKinsey, a criticism of techno-optimism.
  3. Ruthless Prioritization, from Brandon Chu. Worth it for this graph alone:


  1. Writer Elif Batumen on Fresh Air. There’s an interesting bit in the middle about viewing your life as a narrative, plus being secular in religious countries.
  2. And generally I just recommend The Weeds, which has been an amazing resource the last few weeks as the GOP has failed at all things healthcare.


  1. I recently rewatched Terrence Malick’s Tree of Life and it’s an incredibly different experience now that I have a daughter. (The opening monologue in the movie was, in some small part, an inspiration for my daughter’s name.) I continue to be intrigued by all things related to or exploring the story of Job.
  2. I also just finished catching up on Black Mirror. Good, but oof.