Thoughts/Readings 2017 Week 13

Photo the Week


Enjoying a London double decker bus.


  1. Study: Breitbart-led right-wing media ecosystem altered broader media agenda from the Columbia Journalism Review analyzes how isolated our news bubbles have become as well as how Breitbart has caused a broad rightward shift in news coverage.
  2. 1834′s Escape to Another World is yet another look at the potential economic impacts of video games on the labor market.
  3. A look at Kim Scott’s talent planning, including a great analysis of rock stars vs. superstars and why you need both.
  4. Jennifer Harvey on how to not raise racist kids. Hint: it takes more than just acknowledging differences.
  5. Finding, losing, and finding the magic in the tech world as a woman, A Career Retrospective—10 years working in tech.
  6. The Economist has an interesting look at something I never knew existed: the diplomatic and forensic efforts America goes through to find the bodies missing soldiers.


  1. Britain In Focus: A Photographic History from BBC 4 is a great history of photography and British photographers.
  2. The 1975 Stepford Wives is skeezy and creepy and a wonderful commentary. I watched it since I haven’t had a chance to go see Get Out yet.