Thoughts/Readings 2017 Week 17

I’ve missed a few weeks due to some holiday, but there’s plenty to catch up on.

Photo of the Week


Grace walking in an ancient oak forest near us (Stockgrove Country Park)


  1. Great visual tutorial on machine learning from R2D3.
  2. Digitising one of the world’s largest books from Hyperallergic. One seriously cool book.
  3. The long history of “they” as a gender-neutral pronoun from The Economist. It’s settled for me and this is what I’ll use going forward.
  4. A Kellogg professor on all the other decisions United could have made before beating up a passenger.

Also some updates on the list of books I’ve been reading.


  1. America First vs. The American Dream, as discussed by a bunch of British cultural types.
  2. Are you a conflict seeker or avoider? from HBR ideascast is a useful way of thinking how you approach conflict at work (and life)


  1. We’ve done this alfredo recipe a few times and it always works well. And will make your heart stop. Quick (other than the chore of grating a cup of parmesan) and super tasty.