Thoughts/Readings 2017 Week 18

Photo of the Week



  1. Adrian Coles, who died on March 23rd, dedicated his life to saving British hedgehogs: the best obituary you’ll read this year.
  2. Sheryl Sandberg on how to build resilience in kids, advice I’ll try to use but hope to never truly need.
  3. Two Kellogg professors look at “insuring” people with pre-existing conditions. It amazes me how far the political conversation about healthcare is from the expert discussion about healthcare.


  1. Businessweek’s Gameplan on how women breadwinners are treated at home in the office. Still a long way to go.
  2. The Weeds, from Vox, continues to have the best analysis of AHCA.


  1. Paterson is a calm, lovely movie about creativity within routines. It’s a pleasure to watch, and something I’m sure we’ll rewatch over the coming years whenever we want a reminder to slow life down and just enjoy it.
  2. We also enjoyed The Good Place (we loved Parks and Rec). Very curious to see where it goes in future seasons.