Thoughts/Readings 2017 Week 19

Photo of the Week



  1. Chicago approves North Branch redevelopment plan. I worked on Goose Island for eight years, and I’m excited to see the area undergo big transformations. Maybe I’ll work there again?
  2. Also Chicago: choosing the right colour for street lights.
  3. Developers are using Grand Theft Auto to test self-driving cars.
  4. How to be perfect by the poet whose poetry is used in Paterson.
  5. How the UK lost a post WWII lead in tech by excluding women.


  1. Ezra Klein interviews Cal Newport on getting away from distractions to do deep work. I wonder how good or bad I am at doing this?


  1. I tried this teriyaki chicken recipe, which had a criminal lack of detail but was still delicious. Next time I’ll use a larger skillet and drain the chicken juices before adding any sauce and putting it in the oven.