Zane Thomas Davis

I was born in 1985 in Indianapolis, received degrees in economics and studio art from Indiana University in 2007, married my wonderful wife in 2007, moved to Chicago in 2007, and adopted a wonderful cat we named Pynchon in 2007. 2007 was pretty crazy, come to think of it.

Over the next several years I spent my time falling ever more in love with my wife, Chicago, our cat and photography. In 2012 I was put in charge of the website of Calumet Photographic, and I started to fall in love with business and management (no, really).

Then in 2014 everything went crazy in bad ways: Calumet went bankrupt, we tried to restart but couldn’t, and I spent half a year working for a digital agency.

But then in 2015 things went crazy in good ways: Calumet in Europe asked my wife and I to move to England, so we moved to Europe. Six months later my amazing and wonderful daughter, Grace Livia, was born. Since then we’ve explored the UK and Europe as a family and absolutely love every day together.

You can also see my work on tumblr and Instagram. You can email me at ztdavis atta gmail dotta com or at the contact page.